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Paladin Casulink is a Champion in Hyper Scape.


Julian Jayden Bankston is unique among his age demographic for having a playstyle that tends towards the defensive and providing support for his squad, as exemplified by his above average ratings in elimination assists (10.2/match) and time spent alive (90% of matches averaging 10 minutes in length).

When playing with this regular squadmate, user Basilisk, Paladin's overall statistics are more dynamic, recording more eliminations by 13.5% and executing riskier strategies. Although the user has the potential to improve further, his growth in Crown Rush is stunted primarily by a prioritization of off-link responsibilities.

User Paladin's tendency towards support extends into reality, with a regimented gaming schedule designed to accommodate his mother's medical needs (geotags place him at the local walk-in clinic and hospital emergency room on a regular basis) as well as any other household responsibilities. Even the user's income is rarely spent on non-essential items, unless it is to purchase gifts for others.

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