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Myrto Casulink is a Champion in Hyper Scape.


Myrtilo Anagnostopoulou is a single mother of two children with a sparse online footprint. Many of her accounts on social media have been abandoned since 2040, however two remain active. One is a premium Crown Rush account with a modest playtime logged (32 hours over the last 6 months). Although she doesn't invest much playtime, she often browses the various shops in Neo Arcadia, and her account has multiple notifications set to alert her to new collections as they become available. Her second account is a dating profile on SingleMingle where she met her regular squadmate, user Burns.

User Myrto's playstyle veers on the prudent side, preferring to remain in high areas and only moving when nearby danger is detected. She is not likely to pick up any weapon until a sniper rifle (Protocol V) is located causing an average of 2.7 minutes at the beginning of every match where the user is empty-handed.

Although the user's accuracy is impressive (92% chance of landing a hit and 67% of those hits being a headshot), her slow and tactical method of play is not the most marketable.

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