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Laz Casulink is a Champion in Hyper Scape.


Lazaro Tamayo Herrera is a popular VR artist sculptor in the world of virtual street art, user Laz evidences little urgency in his play style. His interest in Hyper Scape's game modes appears motivated by the desire to unlock as much as the environment as possible for the use in his artistic pursuits.

User Laz has begun experimenting with on-link art in Neo Arcadia that is an extension and evolution of his off-link and hybrid AR works. Although many on-link artists rent studio space and memory storage in Neo Arcadia, user Laz routinely creates ephemeral works in public spaces that are temporary and short-lived.

User Laz's purchase history, and family background, communicates a substantial amount of disposable income. This has primarily resulted in a vast collection of time-limited cosmetics, some of which were acquired from third parties at excruciating cost.

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