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Crown Rush is a game mode in Hyper Scape.


In Crown Rush, there are two ways to win: Fight to be the last one standing, or capture the Crown that spawns near the end of the match.

Keep possession of the Crown for 30 seconds, and you and your squad will claim victory! But if the Crown is dropped the Crown timer gets reset so defend your teammate that's holding it.

Crown Rush can either be played Solo or in A Squad of 2 other contenders.


1. Loot

You can find gear all over the map, but some places are better than others:

  • The brightly painted buildings with glowing orange barricades contain the highest concentration of Weapons and Hacks.
  • The map landmarks offer a greater chance of finding fully-fused Weapons and Hacks.
  • Certain supply crates emit a unique sound—they are more likely to drop fully-fused gear!

2. Fusion

You can instantly upgrade to a more powerful version of the weapon you're holding by picking up a duplicate Weapon or Hack.

  • Fusion levels will impact your gear, from increasing Weapon damage to lowering Hack cooldown.
  • Contenders drop their Weapons and Hacks, so keep an eye out for fully-fused gear after an elimination!

3. Decay

The Decay phases out sectors of the map, starting at the edges of the city and moving across the districts one-by-one.

  • Staying in the Decay will hurt you over time.
  • You can escape quickly by following the icon on-screen, which indicates the direction and distance to the nearest safe zone.
  • You can still use hacks in the Decay and they can get you to safety faster!

4. Echo

Elimination doesn’t mean you are done with the match. So long as one other squad member is alive, you will exist as an Echo--a digital ghost.

  • Echoes are entirely invisible to enemy Contenders. Use this to your advantage to scout ahead and ping enemy locations for your remaining squad member(s).
  • As an Echo, you retain basic movements.
  • You will not be able to use Weapons, Hacks or break barricades as an Echo.
  • Echos can return to their original form with the help of a squad mate! Your squad members can revive you if you both meet at a Restore Point. These single-use points are dropped by Contenders once eliminated and are marked both in the world and on the map.

5. Showdown

When the Decay has reached the final sector of the map, the Crown will appear! When you pick up the Crown, the Showdown begins. If you can hold onto the Crown long enough, your team will win the game!

  • Have a quick escape plan in mind before you grab the Crown. This will help you evade any Contenders preparing an ambush at the Crown's drop point!
  • Use Hacks to increase your chances of survival.